Covid 19 saftey procedures

A return to the studio:

Your dancer/actors physical and mental health is a top priority for us. Young artists are very passionate about dance and theater, with the trying time of Covid-19 we understand how difficult the lack of in person classes and rehearsal are. Below are some changes you can expect to see at our locations when our facility is allowed to re-open. The staff and faculty are very eager to return to the studio and turn off the digital platform, however we must take certain precautions so our entire dance family remains health and safe. Thank you in advance for setting personal feelings aside about Covid-19 and doing what is necessary to help us achieve our goal of providing dance and theater in a positive and rewarding environment.

Zoom classes: We may have a hybrid of in person classes & digital classes available for dancers. This will depend on the date of our re-opening. As of November 15th, 2020 our facilities are closed for indoor operations and we are teaching  remotely for the remainder of November. The studio will be closed for all operations December 1-31st so our staff and clients may enjoy the holidays at home. Classes will resume on January 4th, 2021 either virtually, hybrid or in person, whichever is in accordance with Department of health guidelines.

Lobby and other common areas are closed: Under normal circumstances we welcome parents and siblings at the studio. We love having a community where all are welcome. However, due to gathering restrictions we must temporarily close our lobby. Please look for the designated “drop off” zone at each location. Café Jete & the student lounge areas are closed until further notice. Parents of young dancers may escort their children into to the building, help them get into the studio and use the restroom, however, once your child is settled you must wait in your car. Thanks for your understanding.

Digital health questionnaire: All staff and students will be asked daily to complete a digital health questionnaire and their temperature will be taken with a forehead thermometer. See below for the questions. Please only attend classes if your child is 100% healthy and hasn’t come into contact with anyone exposed to Covid-19

Staggering class times: Whenever possible each room will have a staggering schedule to help ensure social distancing for those entering and exiting the building. Dancers in multiple classes typically switch rooms for different classes. In an effort to keep possible exposures low, dancers will remain in the same studio if there are multiple classes and the teacher will rotate.

Traffic routes: The hallway and common are labeled with one-way directions. There will be hand sanitizing stations for dancers to use before and after their classes.

Social Distancing: The Hallways and common areas will have spots 6 feet apart to wait if needed before entering their studio. Each studio will have a “stuff spot” on the ground for their dance bag that is measured out 6 feet apart on the perimeter of the room. Each room has grid taped on the floor, one dancer per grid space to ensure social distancing.

Limit of sharing items & equipment: Dancers & Actors are encouraged to bring as few items to the studio as possible. Teaching props and equipment will be limited and only used if absolutely necessary. If used, all equipment will be immediately cleaned.

PPE: As it is the CDC’s recommendation and required by Governor mandate, facial coverings or masks are required at all times while on the premise of Children's Dance Theater.

Cleaning & disinfection: All frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected after each use. Exterior doors may be opened to help with ventilation.

Protecting our staff: Teachers and staff must compete a health questionnaire at the beginning of their shift. Personal masks are highly encouraged. We have a limited supply of gloves and recommend that teachers and staff bring their own in case of shortages. A sneeze guard has been installed at the reception desk. We encourage staff to wash hands frequently and use the sanitation stations after each class. Teacher and staff are encouraged to speak with the Director if they are not feeling comfortable teaching in person classes. We will do all that we can to reach a solution.

Day camps: All of our 2020 summer day camps will see a reduced overall maximum capacity that we allow. Furthermore, the total group will be divided into smaller groups to spend their day. Each camps schedule is being adjusted to prevent larger groups. For the Beauty & Beast summer theatre camp, the outside area behind the studio will be used when we need to meet as an entire cast. There may also be walks to Celebration Park for lunch and possible outdoor rehearsals. Blocking, choreography and sets are designed to help actors tell the story while maintaining social distancing.


This is as of October 27, 2020. We will update our procedures as recommendations continue to evolve. Click here to read our full safety protocol guide.