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Please make sure to read it thoroughly!
Tickets went on sale May 1st. Pre- Sale tickets are $15 and are available online only.(Auburn or Federal Way) Pre-sale ends on June 19th. Tickets will be $20 at the door the day of the performance. Seating is assigned!

It's Showtime Folks!

The end of the year performance is very exciting and a great opportunity for your kids to show off their hard work and more advanced dance abilities. I always like to give a reminder to all the parents that this can be a great opportunity to be supportive, caring and proud for your child. No matter what happens on that stage, your children have learned a lot of dance and life skills, such as developing work ethic and how to work in a team environment. They have also learned how to face challenges and to work towards achieving a goal.  While the staff, teachers, and dancers have worked diligently to put on a perfect routine, come the day of the show it is the process that matters the most.

Many of our first time performers will be distracted by their beautiful costumes, the lights, the stage itself and they may not dance at all! Some may not even go on the stage! We do everything we can to give dancers the opportunity to perform, however we don’t force crying children onto the stage. Sometimes the most shy and reserved student breaks out of their shell and puts on an amazing performance.  I just never know and I’m always surprised. Whatever happens, be proud of your kids and be sure to tell them so!
  • All accounts must be current and have a zero balance by the last in-studio rehearsal in order for your child to perform.  No exceptions.
  • There is no food or drink allowed inside the theatre. This includes dress rehearsals.
  • Only staff, teachers and parent volunteers are allowed in the green rooms and backstage area 15 minutes before the show until the end of the show.
  • Please stay for the entire show.
  • Dancers should not wear nail polish, jewelry or underwear with their costumes.
  • Make sure we have a cell phone on file, so we can contact you if you are running late!

Picture Day 

Participants in the Dancing through the Decades Performance are invited to picture day, June 8th & 9th with Class Act Portraits at our Auburn location, Children’s Dance Theater. Remember to enter in the back of the building and we are on the 2nd floor. Below is the photo shoot schedule, please be on time.

Please wear performance hair and light make up (as appropriate) with your costume, tights and dance shoes. Photography packages begin at $22 and this year you will be able to order online. 
No purchase is required!  Class Act will photograph each dancer in 2 poses and you can review the pictures online before ordering.  It is important that you attend to be in the group picture even i
f you do not plan to order pictures.  This year photos will be shipped directly to your home!

Hair and Makeup:

If you haven't already done so please consult the color coded show chart. Locate your child's show, then class row. Read the entire row to find out what hair style, tight color and dance shoes your child needs. 

All classes should have their hair styled per the performance chart below. Our most used hair styles are the “Princess style” or a neat bun located on the crown of the head. Do not place the bun directly on top of the head and it is not a good bun unless it has at least ten bobby pins. Long or thick hair will require more. If your costume as a hat you will need to make a "low bun". In such a case please place the bun at the base of the skull. All hair accessories should be placed on the dancers right side of the bun and should be secured with at lease five bobby pins. A hair net is a great item to help hold the bun in place (see the video tutorial). All dancers should use gel and hairspray to make their hair manageable, secure and to prevent fly-a-ways or “wispies”. As always, we will be available the day of performance and photo day to help as needed.
In the spirit of performing, every dancer is highly encouraged to look their best and apply age-appropriate “Heavy Street Makeup.” Dancers should have powder, blush, red lipstick (a red lip liner may be enough and won't run), brown eye shadow (natural colors, not blue/purple etc.), and mascara (body/face glitter is optional). No need to buy expensive makeup. Please keep in mind the age of your dancer.  We want your five year old to still look five on stage. Makeup is encouraged so that the audience can still see the dancer's features under the bright stage lights.  A lighter version of stage makeup is encouraged for photo day.

Learn how to make the perfect ballet bun for the recital by watching this video!
The Perfect BALLET bun 4 ways - Detailed Tutorial
Here is a tutorial on what we call "Princess Hair". 
How to do a Half Up and Half Down Hairstyle: Big Wavy Curls
Learn how to apply great age appropriate stage makeup here! This is recommended for dancers 7 and under. While this may seem like a lot, these makeup techniques are important for when your child is on stage under the lights and from a distance. For photo day some light makeup is encouraged! We do not require you to use Jam cosmetic's however their kits are terrific if you do not already have these supplies! If you choose to order one, do so early. They tend to sell out around recital season.  
This is the age 8 and above stage makeup. We do not require false eyelashes at recital.

In-Studio Rehearsals (at the studio)

The last class prior to the show is an "in-studio" dress rehearsal.  During the week of June 11-18th, all dancers should come during their regular class time with hair and makeup done and in their costumes. This allows the teachers and the parents to have a practice run, making sure we get hair, make-up, and costume details correct and uniform! Teachers will run the routine numerous times and parents are welcome to watch videotape and take pictures. Once the teacher is satisfied with the routine, and parents have received all the important information, dancers may be released from class early.  As such, parents are encouraged to stay at the studio this week. 

Show Orders

Please locate your child's class in the chart below to find out which show you and your family members should purchase tickets for. You will also find hair, shoe and tight information. 

Please pay special attention to the dress rehearsal column. Your child's class may be performing in multiple shows, however each routine will only have ONE dress rehearsal at the theatre. We did our best to value your time and tried to get as many of your child's routines in the same dress rehearsal/show as possible. 

The day of the show dancers should arrive in appropriate hair, makeup and costume. Please have one parent escort the dancers to the “green room” and get them settled 30 minutes before your show time. Make sure to label all clothing, shoes and other items. CDT or PDS cannot be held responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen items. Parents will be asked to take their seats 15 minutes before curtain so make sure to prepare your dancer for this. Please sit back and enjoy the show. The program is very short yet enjoyable. After the entire cast finale, the dancers will be escorted back into the green room for one parent to pick up and sign out their child. 

Dress Rehearsals at the Theatre:

Dress rehearsal allows the dancers to get familiar with the space and feel more comfortable at performance time.  We will run in show order. One adult per dancer is allowed to attend dress rehearsal. Please no non dancing siblings and no guests. We are very strict about this because the theatre rental agreement charges us a different rate for a rehearsal then it does for a performance. 

It is very common for young dancers to be very overwhelmed by the lights, new space,and audience faces, they might just stand there and do their own thing. Please remember that this is a working rehearsal and it is the teacher's job to give corrections to the dancers.  Please do NOT talk to your child or make funny comments while there is work happening on the stage.  Let the teacher handle it. If there is a problem, you will be asked to wait in the hallway.  This is a privilege; dress rehearsals are often CLOSED, meaning no observers.  Your job is to tell your dancer that they were wonderful; this helps their self-esteem so much! Teachers may run their dance multiple times if they wish.  Once your teacher dismisses you, you may leave.

Dress rehearsal and Performances are held at Auburn Mountianview High School!

28900 124th Ave. SE — Auburn, WA 98092
Park on the side with the tennis courts and baseball fields (off of 132nd St.)

Watch for our signs!

Click here for a map


Volunteers backstage are essential for a smooth performance. When you sign up, keep in mind we also need your help at the dress rehearsal for that show.

Volunteer jobs include:

Backstage helpers will be responsible for entertaining kids with coloring pages, soothing fears, helping to line up dancers in order for performance, potty runs, and helping with costume changes as necessary, oversee pick up time after the show is over. Most importantly, they are positive with all the kids. We encourage volunteers to sign up with their own child’s class so that you can watch your dancer perform from the wings (the side of the stage). These volunteers do not need a ticket and will receive one complimentary ticket for a person in their entourage.

Lobby jobs include handing out programs, and helping oversee and take money for the Mara Cookie sales and the Next Step flower fundraiser. These volunteers will receive one complimentary ticket for a person in their entourage or yourself.

All of or volunteers MUST have passed a background check. Please print and complete the attached file. Once completed you will be sent our online sign up sheet. Please sign up as soon as possible, so that we can get you a complimentary ticket.

Thanks in advance for you help!

Flower Bouquets, Concessions & Gifts: 

Next Step Parent Booster Club & The Studio will have flower bouquets and other gift items available to purchase and celebrate your dancers’ big achievement. All sales are final and cash only. Flower bouquets are $10 and will be available the day of the show, gift items range from $10-20.  
We also sell Mara’s Cookies after each show as a tribute to Mara Adams, a CDT dancer who lost her battle with DIPG, a rare pediatric form of brain cancer which mainly affects children.  The funds from these sales are donated to a charity chosen by the Adams family. Please make a donation of $5 or more and receive a delicious cookie and complimentary juice or coffee.

This year proceeds will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Wishes make life better for kids with critical illnesses. This simple, but powerful belief inspired the founding of Make-A-Wish® and drives everything they do.
Video and Pictures:
Absolutely no flash photography is allowed in the theatre. Please be courteous to our performers and audience members and turn off your flash. Parents are welcome to videotape the performance from their seat. Theatre DVDs will be on site to professionally video the show for those wishing to purchase the show DVD. Ordering information is on the website and will be available the day of the show.  Please be considerate of the other audience members by keeping their view and the aisles clear. (This is also a fire hazard and the theatre will NOT allow it!) 
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