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Art Classes

We believe that everyone is an artist. We offer a creative space, designed to inspire, motivate, and encourage artists of every age. Our hope is that everyone who walks through the doors gifts themselves the mental space and freedom to create something beautiful.

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Canvas of the Month Club

Virtual Only option: On the 3rd Wednesday of the month, young artists (ages 7 and up) can join us on zoom to create a wonderful work of art.

In person options:  We have limited space available for young artists to paint in person.  Each pod will attend once a month in person to create that months canvas. Artists will need to bring their reusable supplies from the starter kit each week. The fresh canvas and paint will be supplied when in person.

The Degas pod meets on the first Tuesday of the month in Federal Way or Saturday in Auburn.

The Monet pod meets on the second Tuesday of the month in Federal Way or Saturday in Auburn

More pods will be added as needed.

The initial Starter Kit is $30, and monthly tuition is $30 per month. (The first month is a total of $60) The supplies for the second month on are included in the $30 monthly tuition.

Some of the artwork may be simplified to accommodate younger students. We recommend that all painters be able to:

  • know all the upper and lower case letters easily
  • understand the names of shapes at a 2nd grade level
  • basic understanding of fractions for proportions, I.E halfway up the canvas, at the 3/4 mark)

Both in person and virtual only members will receive a monthly email with fun at home art projects to complete at their leisure on weeks your child isn't coming to the studio!

"All Eyes on You!"
October "All Eyes on You!"
"Pot of Luck!"
March "Pot of Luck!"
"Be Thankful!"
November "Be Thankful!"
April "Hop"
Get Toasted
"August" Get Toasted
"Jingle Toes"
December "Jingle Toes"
"Rainbow Sprinkles"
May "Rainbow Sprinkles"
"Owl Doodle!"
January "Owl Doodle!"
"Surf's Up Sandman"
June "Surf's Up Sandman"
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"All You Need is Love"
February "All You Need is Love"
"Glory Map"
July "Glory Map"
Girls Night 3

In person paint parties

Painting isn't just for kids! Painting is a great way to unwind and find enjoyment. Join us for our in person paint parties. A fun evening at our Federal Way location for $30 per painter, party limit to 20.

My Alfie Tree

November 19th

"My Alfie Tree"

Lavender Skies large

January 21st

"Lavender Skies"

Family Tree

April 8th

"Family Tree"

Welcome Floral

May 20th

"Welcome Floral"