Level 6

These dancers are typically 15-18 years old and begin to tailor their class selection to meet their dance goals under the mentorship of our faculty. These dancers attend classes 5+ times a week for 12 hours of lessons

• 90 minutes ballet a minimum of three times a week, four is recommended
• 90 minutes Jazz
• 60 minutes pointe class twice a week (or additional optional)
• 60-minute Progressing Ballet technique or leaps tricks and turns
• 1-2 optional style (acro, tap, partnering, hip hop, lyrical)

  • Dancers wear a black leotard
  • Participate in the June performance
  • May audition to be a part of additional performances

Tuition is $388 per month and includes 4 June costumes & a pair of tights.

Additional Classes may be added if desired. 

How to enroll in the conservatory

All conservatory students must meet the eligibility requirements and have received an acceptance letter. If your experienced child would like to audition please send us an email to arrange an audition. Otherwise, please consider our Children's Division or School Division Classes.

Take a look at our schedule for the 2023.2024 school year

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Next Steps....

A placement audition is required for conservatory students. Learn more about you audition options.