Injury Observation Resource

Injured? Observation Videos and information for Conditioning During Recuperation


Have you been injured recently? Please follow these steps to ensure your fast recovery and return to class.

Your first task is to ensure your injury is taken care of correctly, looked at, and given a plan of recovery.

We ask that if you are able you come to classes to observe.


  • Inform instructor immediately in class when injury happens
  • Have a parent inform CDT if injury happens outside of class asap.
  • RICE, rest, ice, compression, elevation
  • If injury does not improve in two days please see a medical professional
  • Please obtain a Doctors note for our records about injury
  • Observe class until injury has been cleared for return to dancing
  • During observation do as much as possible, ie: arms if your legs are injured or vice versa. See below for youtube videos that you can do while at class observing. These are great to use during warm up or barre. Bring headphones!
  • Turn in a cleared to return to dancing note to front desk, or email
  • Keep up conditioning and rehabilitation
  • Keep open communication with instructors of CDT