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Where Excellence Meets Acceptance!

Thrive Competition Team believes everyone should be treated equally, with respect and love.

Saturday January Rehearsal Schedules

These rehearsal schedules are subject to change, please check back often to make sure you have the most current version. The spaces marked open space for practice are open to any specials that wish to rehearse themselves, this is highly encouraged behavior and will be very impactful for soloists and specials. Please take advantage of these open rooms.

***Please note that on January 21st all rehearsals are only 30 MINUTES LONG. There is a mandatory specials rehearsal after group rehearsals.

Important Dates

Alterations Day November 30th

No Classes Wednesday Dec 21st and 28th for Winter Break

Saturday Mandatory Rehearsal Jan 7th, 14th, 21st (possible 28th)

Unveiled January 27th

Mock Convention January 28th

Elite Team Only - Fly Dance Competition Feb 3-5th 2023

Elite and Debut - Dupree Convention/Competition Feb 10-12th 2023

Elite and Debut - Platinum Dance Competition March 24-26th 2023

Elite and Debut - Imagine National Dance Challenge March 31-April 2nd 2023

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Here at Thrive Competition Team, we invite you to learn the artistry of dance, competition, performance, team work, adaptability, expression and joy through our welcoming environment of competition dance team. Our goal is to provide a place for everyone to experience this unique and rewarding side of dance where each dancer will thrive. Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned verteran, you will feel welcomed and engaged on this supportive and challenging team. Most importantly here at Children’s Dance Theater we promote a healthy approach physically and mentally to dance education and training with the hopes of instilling joy and self worth. Children’s Dance Theater is a non discrimination studio.


Debut Team is a great place for dancers to begin their competitive journey. There are no prior requirements to join this team and have room to evolve as your training grows. Debut has less time and financial commitment involved. This team is not selective and is a guaranteed placement.



Elite Team is for dancers with 3-4 years competitive/training experience and are ready for a challenge in artistry and skill level. This team has a larger financial and time commitment, you must study in the conservatory program of CDT to be eligable for Elite. The elite team is a selective process with no guarantee on placement.


Thrive Coaching Staff

Brit Shea
Kilee Nathe
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Stephanie Cox

Team Auditions are in May of each year, hope to see you there!