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The School Division gives student the opportunity to start or continue working on the foundations of dance technique in a less competitive and pressure filled environment. Classes ranged in beginning, intermediate and advanced levels for students ages 8 through adults. Students may elect a more “a la carte” dance training while will provide them the same quality of instruction but at a less time commitment than the conservatory students. This is the perfect program for the older novice dancer or the dancer that may be trying out new activities in addition to dance. There are a variety of class styles too choose from and the focus is on self-enrichment and increasing your child’s confidence. Dancers may elect to perform in the annual recital. With the inclusive tuition model, the recital costume is included. This is a 10-month program, dancer may enroll late however that will change your fees.

Below is a description of the classes we offer. The schedule of classes and registration link is at the bottom.
Hip hop

Hip Hop

If you are hip, cool and have swag for days, then pre hip hop is for you. Hip hop is creative and gives you plenty of space for improvisation through freestyle ‘dance! This class works on coordination, rhythm and builds stamina all while staying appropriate for your young child.



Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles. Even if you don’t want to be a ballet dancer, the skills you learn in this class will make you stronger, steadier and more elegant- and give you a wonderful basis for any other dance styles you want to learn! Ballet technique develops proper alignment and strength. Every class begins with barre work emphasizing posture, rotation, and beautiful footwork. In the center, dancers work on adagio, pirouettes and petite and grand allegro combinations to cultivate grace and fluidity.



Jazz dance really mixes it up! It combines many other kinds of dance, with the strength and poise of ballet, the explosive moves of Hip Hop and the fun dance style of other modern dances. We set our choreography to fun modern pop music, and teach you everything from impressive jumps to sharp, clean movement. It takes strength to do that well, and the first half of the class consists of exercises to stretch and tone muscles and learn proper body alignment. Then in the second half it’ll be time to learn jazz choreography!



Are you looking for a dance style involving plenty of rhythm and quick footwork? This class might be just what you’re looking for! Learn tap dance, an exciting and very fun rhythmic exercise and dance form. Both kids and adults can have a blast with this dance style, and you’ll learn both higher musicality and coordination. We’ll have you tapping away in no time



Our Acro class is one for the older kids who are energetic and love to dance. Now that you are older, you can do increasingly exciting dance tricks and even more breathtaking choreography! It’s not just the plain basics now- learn to do lifts and other new dance elements, and work together as a team to get your partner choreography perfect. You’ll gain in strength and flexibility in next to no time.

Take a look at our schedule for the 2023.24 school year

Our classes are such a fun experience, below is our current offering of the School Division classes. Visit the tuition page of our website for cost information.

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