Photography & Video

Children's Dance Theater works with a variety of photographers and video contractors. We have combined them all into one easy access point for you here.

Videos are sold through a website called Vimeo. You will need a Free account to purchase the media file. Please note, that video is only available via digital downloads.

Photos are available for both print and digital downloads.

For full scale productions like our Nutcracker, we are proud to offer a multimedia package. This includes downloads of up the 300 photos and a video download for one package price. Media packages will be roughly 100 photos+ videos there is not a guaranteed number of photos or student presence. We are simply sharing what we took during the performance.

Video Only


Purchase or Rent Performance Videos

Click here if you are interested in purchasing or renting videos to one of our performances. This is for Video only, If you are interested in the full media packages that includes photos and video please click on the photography gallery below. Otherwise you will be charged twice.


2021 thrive 2 colorB

Coming soon!

Click here to view the team photos taken on May 24th, 2023. The gallery expires on July 10th, 2023, Any request after the 10th is subject to a $25 archival fee.

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Coming soon!

Click here to view the Little Mermaid Jr photos taken on July 21st, 2023. The gallery expires in 60 days, (October 11th, 2023), Any request after the 30th is subject to a $25 archival fee.

CDT Recital Photos


Coming soon!

Click here to view the CDT Adventures in dance photos taken on June 5th-15th, 2023. These photos are taken by Class Act Portraits. If you have questions or issues please contact them directly.