Children's Dance Theater is proud to have an award winning Competition team. Competition team can be a great opportunity for your dancer to push themselves as an artist, achieve amazing skill and learn the value of teamwork.

We have two teams, the Debut team and the Elite team. Within each team, dancers are broken up into 3-4 age groups, the Minis, Juniors, Teens and/or Seniors. Finally each dancer can elect to audition for a particular dance style, such as tap, jazz, hip hop & more.

The Teams


The Debut Team is great place for dancers to begin their competitive journey with less time and financial commitments. Dancers may remain at this level for multiple years depending on casting. The Debut Team is not selective.

The Elite Team is for dancers with 3-4 years competitive exeperinece and are ready to push themselves to extreme levels of skill and artistry. There is a larger financial and time commitment. The Elite Team may be selective.


Time Commitment


All competition team members must be enrolled in classes for the summer and school year session.  There are specific guidelines depending on your dancers placement level.

Debut team members begin in September for a weekly rehearsal on our team night. They are required to attend 2 competitions and have the option to attend the convention/compeititon event.

Elite team members must attend the mandatory choreography week in August. They attend weekly rehearsals on our competition team night. They are required to attend 3 competitions and 1 convention. There is one optional competition that dancers may elect to attend.



For billing purposes the competitive season begins in August and ends April. The annual costs of competition are broken up into 9 monthly payments. This covers the costume, rehearsal practice fees, and entry fees to the event.

There are other costs at the families responsibilities such as specific tights, shoes, make up kits, team jackets that are the parents responsibility to order if needed. Convention fees are billed separately 60 days prior to the event.

There may be other expenses such as event parking, many families elect to rent hotel rooms for events and of course dance swag may be important to your child.




Congrats to all our dancers! We are very proud of you. We will be sending more information out on Friday 6/26 about summer training reminders and season info! We are sooo excited to begin

Production Number-TBD
Minis: Giana Anderson, Cassidy Cox, Olivia Haagy, Graycie Trudeau, Ellie Tindall, Ella Munzer, Ceilia Berry, Tillie George
Juniors: Amelia Boccia, Lucy Bunker, Devon Bunker, Maddie Canfeild, Charlotte Cullom, Amara Drazokwski, Fiona Henry, Grace Henry, AJ Kindt, Leyna Kindt, Corinne Lazara, Alyssa Matsumoto Natalia Puumala, Arden Staples
Seniors: Cailin Bailey, Ciena Collazo, Kate Etcheverry, Madison Forte, Kayden Kaleta, Lucia Matiolli, Abby Murren, Amber Olson, Emily Olson, Mackenzie Oothoudt, Ava Snyder, Peter Stockdale, Marissa Swift

Debut Team
Mini Hip hop with Chrystal Ann
Giana Anderson
Cassidy Cox
Olivia Haagy
Graycie Trudeau

Mini Jazz with Stephanie Cox
Ceilia Berry
Tillie George
Ella Munzer
Ellie Tindall

Junior Jazz with Chyrstal Ann
Amelia Boccia
Lucy Bunker
Maddie Canfeild
Fiona Henry
Grace Henry
AJ Kindt
Leyna Kindt
Corinne Lazara

Mix level Team
In an effort to keep growing our competition team, we have two routines with both Elite and Debut dancers. We are excited to have the strong experienced dancers with our newer competitive dancer. These routines will be mandatory for the Rainbow and Encore competitions and Dupree. The April event TBD still remains optional for all team members.

Junior Tap with Kilee Nathe
Amara Drazokwski
Charlotte Cullom*
Natalia Puumala
Arden Staples

Senior Musical Theater with Stephanie Cox
Kate Etcheverry
Alyssa Matsumoto
Emily Olson
Ava Snyder*
Peter Stockdale*

Elite Team
Junior Lyrical with Tesee George
Devon Bunker
Amara Drazokwski
Alyssa Matsumoto
Natalia Pumuala
Arden Staples

Senior Lyrical with Chrystal Ann
Cailin Bailey
Kate Etcheverry
Madison Forte
Kayden Kaleta

Teen/Senior Lyrical with Tesee George
Ciena Collazo
Madison Forte
Abby Murren
Lucia Matioli
Amber Olson
Marissa Swift

Teen/Senior Tap with Kilee Nathe
Kayden Kaleta
Abby Murren
Mackenzie Oothoudt
Amber Olson
Emily Olson

Teen/senior Acro with Stephanie Cox
Ciena Collazo
Lucia Mattioli
Mackenzie Oothoudt
Marissa Swift

Cailin Bailey with Tesee George
Amara Drazokwski with Holly Logan Livingston
Celia Collazo with Tesee George
Ciena Collazo with Tesee George
Madison Forte with Stephanie Cox
Tillie George with Stephanie Cox
Kayden Kaleta with Chrystal Ann
Corinne Lazara with Chyrstal Ann
Abby Murren with Kilee Nathe
Lucia Mattioli with Stephanie Cox
Emily Olson with Holly Logan Livingston
Amber Olson with Kilee Nathe
Arden Staples with Alashia Jefferson
Marissa Swift with Chrystal Ann

Tips & Tricks for an amazing season

All newbies are required to attend our Q & A session. It is schedule for May 6th at 7:30 pm via zoom. Check your email for the monthly newsletter or the closed parent FB group with the link. (for security purposes we are not posting it on the website.)

Here is the estimated calendar of events.

List of required additional items (not covered by monthly fee)


If you have questions please email us  and make the subject line “Competition Team Auditions”. We may be able to make alternate arrangements. Dancers must be at least 5 years old